Would you say that you are a victim of a bad habit? 

If a certain routine came to your mind after reading this question, then you probably have a bad habit. Whether your habit heavily impacts you daily or long term, bad habits may steer you off the right path. Majority of people are embarrassed by their bad habits, which should not be the case. It is common for someone to struggle with a bad habit, though society should diminish the stigma of keeping it a secret. It is in human nature to accept bad habits faster than good ones, bad habits are easier to give into. There is no need to fret over such habits, because there is always a chance to make changes. 

A key way of breaking bad habits is to actively push yourself to minimize them from your daily routine. Removing these bad habits will be difficult, but possible to overcome. As soon as you are conscious and determined, your ability to step in the right direction will come easily. By setting small goals for yourself, slowly but surely your bad habits will no longer negatively affect you.

Be Aware of Your Bad Habit

Don’t be a victim of a bad habit by taking the first step, awareness. As your bad habit accommodates itself in the early stages, you might not have considered it was a bad habit. Eventually we realize these negative mannerisms are bad for us. Unfortunately, ignoring this feeling and visible signs may be an easier option rather thank tackling the problem. Due to the regularity of your bad habit, it may seem as if it is not bad at all. It is most difficult to overcome these habits when it fills an emotional void. Your bad habit may emotionally please you for the day, but it is simultaneously destructive. Battling these emotions in response to your bad habits it normal, and very difficult to overcome. Countless excuses can be made as to why this bad habit is good for you, but progress will become even more of a burden.

The time has come to stop making excuses. A lot of people believe they do not have the mindset to put an end to a bad habit, which leads them to not trying at all. The only obstacle in your way is yourself. Stop for a moment and internalize a positive outlook and how healthier your life would be without it. You may be hit with the realization that your bad habit is no longer beneficial, once you are able to shift your mindset the obstacle will be less severe.

slave of a bad habit
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Write It Down   

Most people are afraid that they won’t be able to eradicate a bad habit because they cannot see the negative consequences. A helpful tip that will ensure progress is making a list. Writing down pros and cons about your habit will make it easier to identify changes you can make. Include vivd details, consider specific situations where your habit has positively and negatively impacted you, physically and emotionally. Make sure to take your time, work in a peaceful location where you can be present and mindful. Don’t be afraid to write down everything that comes to mind, the more open you are, the better. Having a visual list will make awareness easier, bringing consciousness to all the negative qualities of your bad habit. 

Another helpful tip is to keep track of how many times you perform your bad habit. As you increasingly become conscious of how taxing your bad habit is, it will lessen how often you continue to do it. You can count this as daily, weekly, or monthly, make sure to make small goals and to not act irrationally. Going cold turkey will not achieve long term irradiation of your bad habits, change takes time.

As you slowly cut out your bad habit, you will feel the urge to act on it. Your mind will automatically try to find reasons for you to continue to perform your habit. It will accrue often but you need to be strong. Whenever you feel this urgency, reread your list. Once you are refreshed with your decision to eliminate that bad habit, your ability to stick to it will be easier. It is perfectly normal to feel these urges, the best way to stay on track is to hold yourself accountable.

Bring It To The Minimum

Every bad habit will come with a pattern or trigger that will make you test your progress. When you are in the process of removing a bad habit from your life, the simplest things could trigger it. For example, if you are trying to quit smoking, a “no smoking” sign will make your brain remember the sensation it felt when you would smoke. It can be difficult to avoid these signs, but with confidence, you should be careful not to fall in the trap. These triggers will be the biggest testimony of your dedication.

After adapting to a new lifestyle, your body and mind will adjust and find a new normalcy necessary. Your brain will alert itself when something is missing, recognize that patience is most important during this process. Your resilience will build as time continues and you take on a new positive habit.

slave of a bad habit
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How Do I Implement Good Habits?

The best way to not be a victim of a bad habit is to turn a negative into a positive. This can help you completely or at least in the majority get over your past bad habit and shift your life in a better direction. Once you stop performing your bad habit, incorporating a new one should be the next step. This may take time, your body will not be accustomed to this new habit. Just as you slowly removed your bad habit, you can slowly integrate a new positive habit into your life. This is not only helping you to stop doing something that is harming you, but also making sure you are nourishing your body and soul. 

For example, if you decided to stop drinking too much coffee, a good replacement would be to start drinking green tea or smoothies. There is always something good you can replace bad with. Creating a pros and cons list can also work when deciding on a new positive habit. Taken under careful consideration, you could compile a list of at least 3 replacements for a bad habit. Positive thinking and affirmations will keep you going in the right direction. You can take charge of your habits, both good and bad. With the right mindset you will not fall victim to your bad habits, and incorporating good ones will be seamless.

We hope you found these tips helpful! Are you ready to take these steps to not be a victim of a bad habit? If you would like to get rid of bad eating habits be sure to check out The 4 Best Busy Woman Food Habits.