Being stuck at home, most of us may feel like we’re not being productive enough or that our minds are being too inactive. It can be a little bit depressing not feeling like we’re doing enough. And it’s not always easy to intuitively know exactly where to turn when we get down on ourselves, but Youtube is rife with quality self-improvement opportunities. YouTube is the best self-improvement resource.

While it may seem good to tech detox during this time, it could be equally beneficial to do a deep dive into the lifestyle channels on YouTube. After all, you can learn pretty much anything on this free platform. It’s packed with so much information that truly can change your life for the better.

Here is why YouTube is the best all-around self-improvement resource right now that you should absolutely be taking advantage of:

Learn About Finances

Finances are a mystery to most of us. Because unless we specifically went to study them in college, we probably just ended up being in the dark about how everything works and how we can improve our streams of income.

Luckily, there are so many amazing people on YouTube that make information about finances accessible to those of us that don’t want to get into all the math. 

Channels such as Lyn Allure’s are a great resource to learn what you can do to have more financial security in the future. She has such a great energy and she makes financial knowledge feel a lot more glamourous and a lot less stressful than it probably has felt for the majority of us.

Mental Wellness

There are so many positive affirmations videos, lifestyle vlogs, and many videos on the law of attraction on YouTube these days. If you’re feeling down on yourself or feeling negative in any way, YouTube is an amazing resource right now to help yourself gain some mental traction. 

If it feels good to you, you could literally spend the whole day just listening to affirmations and guided meditations to help you reach a more positive mindset. With all the free time we have, why not invest in your well-being? There are so many resources that will help you re-program your thought patterns so that you can live your best life.

Workout Videos

Yes! YouTube has so many free workout videos. And you can do most of them equipment-free from the comfort of your own home. 

Don’t believe us? Check out our article on How to Start Achieving Your Exercise Goal For 2020. This article pretty much hinges on using YouTube to work towards your exercise goals in a quick and absolutely attainable way. 

While a lot of people tend to think that they can’t work out right now because they’re unable to get to a gym, you truly can use any available space on the floor of your house to start exercising. And you can use fitness YouTube channels to motivate you to do so.

Learn Self-Care Routines

You guessed it. The beauty community on YouTube is massive. And it’s not just full of make-up tutorials. (After all, most of us probably have no need for make-up tutorials right now.) 

There are so many self-care and pampering videos on the platform that we can enjoy and replicate to give ourselves a spa-like experience. You can watch nighttime and morning routines for some inspiration to help make your day that much more enjoyable. 

Alternatively, you can watch videos on skincare regimes, hair care routines, and so much more to really live your best life.

Watch Organization Videos

There’s never any harm in organising your house. And there are all kinds of inspiration on how you can best go about organising your home. 

If you’re interested in learning techniques off YouTube on how to clean up your home, check out How to Quickly Declutter Your Home.