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Write for Us

What we’re looking for is great writing. All we ask is that your piece is, on some level, about women empowerment and is a minimum of 1000 words.

Before you send us your work, though, please read the guidelines below.

1) How to send us your work. Send your draft (along with an introduction and links to previously published works) to Liz Fe at [email protected]

NOTE pt. 4: Finally, a reminder: you’ll only hear back from us if we’re interested in adding you as a writer and/or publishing your piece.

2) Send us focused, interesting work that makes a point. If any kind of submission is rambling, unfocused, or seems more like a journal entry than an actual story, it’s not likely to meet this bar.

3) Edit and revise thoroughly before sending us your draft. This should be semi-obvious, but if you send us what is obviously a first or second draft — meaning there are typos, grammatical mistakes, or a general lack of structure or purpose — we will send it back.

Please note: we may revise the title or change the feature image to better fit our editorial guidelines.

4). Avoid using multiple images, videos, gifs and excessive stylized text. Often this has the unintended effect of distracting readers from the most important thing: the substance of the writing itself. Per feedback we’ve gotten from Medium, as well as lessons learned from publishing/editing all around the web, we think that cleaner pieces look more professional, read cleaner, and are thus generally more effective.

5) The purpose of your piece cannot be to spread hate, disparage, elicit outrage or otherwise cause harm. We are not in the business of censoring art, but we won’t provide a platform for writers whose work is clearly malicious or intent on drawing negative attention.

6) We only accept unpublished drafts. Remember that Medium uses the publication date on your story to determine its visibility, so fresh, new drafts will get more face time on the homepage than older stories.

7) Use appropriate tags that designate the genre and content. This helps readers find your story, and helps us publish it in the correct tab.

8) Have a colorful, beautiful featured image either above or below the headline, with the source credited underneath the image. You can find free images on PixabayUnsplash, and numerous other sites. If it’s your own photo or graphic, please indicate that.

If you don’t include attribution, we won’t publish the piece. Artists should always be credited for their work — as writers, this is a point we all understand well.

If you’d like to understand more about copyright law and using images, here’s a great reference: What I Learned About Copyright Law from an $800 Violation

9) No selling. The purpose of your piece cannot be to sell something. It must be interesting in and of itself. We will not accept stories that serve no purpose other than to advertise a third-party product.

— Liz Fe