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How To Tell If A Man Is Mature

We’ve all heard men say that a woman is too mature for them, but do they mean in age or mentality? Surprisingly, some men will openly admit to dating younger women because for some, mature means older in age. Mature even has a negative connotation most of the time. Some people opt for the statement …

Empowered Women

Girlhood And Life After Disney

Girl Power Disney Channel, the popular kids’ network, is home to the most popular shows for kids and tweens. The programs deal with kids in middle and high school navigating the challenges that come with their teenage years such as dating, peer pressure, secrets, and friendships while also dealing with magical elements like having the …

Empowered Women

Notorious RBG Trailblazing Women Empowerment

September 18th 2020, one of the most notable advocates for women’s rights and gender equality in the Supreme Court passed at age 87 from pancreatic cancer. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, after Sandra Day O’Conner, was the second woman with a presence on the U.S. Supreme Court. Notorious RBG trailblazing women empowerment in a continually sexist climate is …

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Black Creators Quit TikTok?

Black TikTok Creators have started striking back to protest against a lack of credit for their work. Many of these TikTok trends, particularly those involving dancing, have often been started by Black creators. But as soon as a White creator takes it on, it becomes trendy and they somehow end up getting the credit. Tired …