About the Publisher

Liz Fe Lifestyle is a woman-owned, black-owned publisher. Liz Fe is the leading author/publisher on feminism in Columbus, OH. Her best-selling book to date is “The Problem with the Male Gaze.” She has spent years educating herself on feminist theories in order to publish numerous titles on feminism

Liz grew up in a Caribbean immigrant family in the United States. Like many others, her family was very patriarchal. She grew up around women who were often dismissed and disrespected. Misogyny was so ingrained in her family’s culture that her mother enabled the behavior. This bred antifeminist men and strong, intelligent women who were fed up with the toxic cycle. Liz focused much of her life on education and began writing in 2017. Her writing combined with her lifelong experiences with misogyny led to the creation of LFL and a focus on creating feminist texts.

Liz created Liz Fe Lifestyle to be a beacon of feminism in an increasingly antifeminist world. LFL is continually evolving and innovating in this field. We create different series of books based on different aspects of feminism. We discuss the feminist angle of different trending topics, such as The Toxic Female Gaze.

Liz Fe’s Educational Background

Texas A&M, Master’s in Public Administration

University of North Florida, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Bachelor of Arts in English, Certificate in Leadership

Favorite Feminist Books (besides our own) 

The Essential Feminist Reader By Estelle Freedman

The Feminist Killjoy Handbook: The Radical Potential of Getting in the Way By Sara Ahmed

Fix the System, Not the Women By Laura Bates

We Should All Be Feminists By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

Women of Color and Feminism: Seal Studies By Maythee Rojas

Decolonizing the Body: Healing, Body-Centered Practices for Women of Color to Reclaim Confidence, Dignity, and Self-Worth By Kelsey Blackwell and Christena Cleveland PhD