We are currently accepting submissions.

We are a small book publisher based in Columbus, Oh. We have a unique publishing system.

We publish 3 kinds of books:

  1. Written in-house
    • We have writers on our team that created our initial collection of books. We still write from time to time but we’re now more focused on the following two kinds of publishing.
  2. Buy complete rights of submitted manuscripts
    • If we really like a submitted manuscript, then we’ll make an offer to the author to purchase the rights to the book rather than do a profit share. It would then be published under our company name “Liz Fe Lifestyle.”
  3. Re-publish public domain books with added flair
    • There are so many older feminist writings that we’d like our readers to have access to. We intentionally look for works available in the public domain that our readers might be interested in and edit, format and publish with a bit of our own writing to make it a mixture of old and new.

We do our best to get back to everyone who submits. Thank you for your interest in publishing with Liz Fe Lifestyle.

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