Books by Women, for Women

The Problem With the Male Gaze

The Male Gaze: something we continuously see in media, psychology, and our everyday lives. The objectification of women has unfortunately been something that we are subjected to every day, whether we realize it or not. However, many people don’t realize the dangers of this thought processes. The Male Gaze has been attributed as the core of the sexual harassment, abuse, and sexual assault as a result of the over-fetishization of women in the media. In this book, we’ll go over the various ways that the male gaze can do harm to women as a whole, as well as the people fighting against this endless objectification.

The Toxic Female Gaze

The Toxic Female Gaze is the sequel to The Problem with the Male Gaze.

People talk a lot about the male gaze and how harmful it is to women but little is spoken about the female gaze and the harm it causes.

Prepare to challenge conventions and redefine perceptions with “The Toxic Female Gaze,” a groundbreaking exploration of gender, power, and representation in today’s cultural landscape. This thought-provoking book peels back the layers of the female gaze, revealing the complexities, contradictions, and transformative potential hidden within.

“The Toxic Female Gaze” isn’t just a book; it’s an illuminating journey that scrutinizes the ways in which female perspectives and influences have been shaped by societal pressures and expectations. Through a multifaceted lens, this book unveils the multifarious manifestations of the female gaze, exposing its empowering and damaging facets alike.

Is The Term Feminism The New “F” Word?

What does it mean to be a feminist? Over the years, our view of the concept of feminism has been skewed to the point in which many people are hesitant to align themselves with the term. The unfortunate fact in our society is that feminists have been stereotyped as men-hating, radical extremists, when in actuality this could not be further from the case. This book is a reminder of the importance of feminism and the women who strove to fight for equal treatment, regardless of sex, race, religion, or sexual identity.

The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong: One Woman’s Approach to Daily Mental Health

One of the most important aspects of our lives is how we tend to our mental health. Amy Morin–a licensed psychotherapist, mental strength trainer, and bestselling author–explains the importance of how we think about various aspects of our lives. Throughout this book, we will explain the background behind this influential woman as well as the negative thought processes that she had to overcome throughout her life. By using her methods as a framework, you too will be able to cope with these negative patterns of behavior and work towards becoming mentally strong.

Strong Enough: Dispelling Black Woman Stereotypes

The stereotype of the black women is an unfortunate part of our modern media. For years, black women have been characterized as unattractive, overly abrasive, and sexually promiscuous. Many people might be quick to state that these stereotypes don’t cause any harm. After all, it’s just a character. However, these unflattering images of black women have been around for years, being the result of colonization and slavery, all portraying the same message. That black women are lesser than their white counterparts. Throughout the course of this book, we’ll go over the various ways that we as black women have been put down over the years, as well as the effects they have on our psychology and self-esteem.

Women of Color From the WWII War Effort

One of the most influential and deadly wars in history, World War II has seen to the death of many individuals as the Allied and Axis Powers fought for dominance. However, it also brought reverence to many historical figures who fought against Germany and its various allies. Unfortunately, this reverence was often confined to that of white, male figures, history ultimately forgetting the various female people of color who fought alongside them and aided in the war effort. Throughout the course of this book, we’ll go over the various women of color who aided the Allies in their victory over the Axis Powers.

Hollywood’s Most Influential Female Celebrities

Hollywood isn’t an easy place to work, for various reasons. And this is especially true for women. The amount of discrimination, mistreatment, and sexual harassment that many actresses in Hollywood experienced is enough to fill a book of its own. However, in spite of these limiting factors, there are female actors who have risen through the ranks and made a name for themselves. All while fighting the misogynistic views the film and music industry often propagate. Throughout the course of this book, we’ll go over only a few of the many female actresses and performers who are shaping the media for the better.

Julie Andrews and Her Inspiring Life

With media and film so prevalent in our everyday lives, it’s important for people to have good role models in their favorite celebrities. However, nowadays we’re more likely to hear about celebrities getting into public feuds, getting caught in sex scandals, and generally acting in self-centered and thoughtless ways. While there are celebrities who give to charity, this is often used to boost their PR, rather than as a way to actually help people. Luckily, Julie Andrews seems to be a woman who practices what she preaches. Andrews has not only entertained us on the silver screen for years, but she’s also used her platform to do so much good for others. Throughout this book, we’ll go over the various inspiring achievements that Julie Andrews has made in her career and the ways she worked towards making the world a better place.

Harriet Tubman: History & Telling

For people of color, we owe many of the rights we experience today to the efforts of Harriet Tubman, the single most famous conductor of the Underground Railroad. However, she did far more for our country than just that. It’s high time that we as a country immortalize her efforts, some people even suggesting placing her on the dollar bill. Throughout this book, we will go over her life and various accomplishments, proving what a massive influence her efforts had on both African American culture, as well as American culture as a whole.

The Youth Climate Change Movement

One of the biggest problems mankind faces today is one of our own making: climate change. While this continues to be debated by climate deniers even today, one cannot ignore the effect that it so obviously has on our communities and the natural world surrounding them. In this age of rampant wildfires and melting icecaps, the youth of today are striving tirelessly to make their voices heard. Throughout this book, we will detail the efforts these young people are undertaking in order to ensure that the planet will continue to sustain us for generations to come.

Wonder Woman 84’s Mistaken Message to Women

In a medium oversaturated by male protagonists, it’s difficult for female comic book fans to find good representation. Wonder Woman is the exception, acting as a female powerhouse in the DC Comic Universe and one of the best displays of feminism that comics have to offer. Her success as a character earned her her own feature film, which excited and enthralled audiences and critics alike. With such as success in the box office, it’s only natural that a sequel would be put into the works. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman 84 paled in comparison to its predecessor. It was not only less well received, but it also propagated a lot of problematic ideas that contradicted Wonder Woman as a character. Throughout this book, we’ll go over what went wrong and what messages Wonder Woman 84 sent to it’s female audience.