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The Heart of a Wolf

One week ago, Jane had come to a cabin in the woods with her uncle for winter vacation. Today, though, her uncle was out and hadn’t come back for hours. It was just Jane, left alone by herself in the little cabin. It had snowed heavily most of the time she was there so she couldn’t go out, but after a while, the snow had thawed and the weather was warm and bright – warm enough for her to go outside again if she wanted to. She stared out at the grey sky from the cabin’s cramped window. The past week had just been boring, with her reading for school and not getting any texts from her friends.

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Mind of Angels

This story starts with a girl, not any normal girl. Or maybe she was normal just as you and I are but she certainly believed she was anything but. The girls’ beauty was obvious from her sleek jet black hair to her striking Christmas tree eyes. Yet she saw her beauty more like an object or a tool, something to help her get ahead in her escapades.

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Being Born with a Rusty Spoon in Your Mouth

It’s been decades since the apocalypse happened. The human race has divided itself into three groups: The Poor, The Helpful, and The Rich. The Rich hold political and economic power, controlling the world’s wealth and the fate of those beneath them. The Helpful, not quite poor but not rich, are the doctors, lawyers, farmers, businessmen. They are active in the economy, but can never seem to make enough to break into The Rich. The Poor suffers an unfortunate fate, one that entails endless begging, no roofs over their heads, and solely relies on the good fortune of The Helpful for survival. When a riot breaks out against The Rich, Shay, a Helpful, is mistaken for a politician’s daughter. She soon learns the secrets and corruption of the Rich. Can she expose their secrets and bring equality to all, or does she face a fate worse than death?

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Secrets from the Mountaintop

This story is about an indigenous girl from Peru in the late 19th century. Her family, a group of Coca farmers, have fallen victim to the up-and-coming production of Coca in the United States, which the Coca-Cola Company uses to manufacture cocaine into their drinks. On a strike of luck, an ambassador from the Coca-Cola company gives her the opportunity to travel to the states. While she is told that the company wants her there to be a part of growing agricultural technology, she is really there to make good PR with the public, to deceive everyone into thinking that the Coca-Cola corporation is not taking advantage of the Coca farmers. In a story that questions the importance of tradition and family, she must overcome the powers of big corporations and tell the people the truth of how they are treating South American farmers.

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What if Animals Were Balloons?

What if Animals Were Balloons? is a fully illustrated children’s book that follows four animal friends and their unexpected journey beyond the skies after suddenly being turned into balloons.