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Money Tech

How to Become a Cryptocurrency Prodigy

Since the rise of bitcoin several years ago, cryptocurrency has been all the rage with investors across the world.  If you are curious about cryptocurrency but don’t know how to get involved, that will all change after reading this article. We will let you know the basics of cryptocurrency so that you can know before …


Biden Plans To Use Electric Cars For Government Fleet

Around 645,000 vehicles were in the government’s fleet, as of 2019. President Joe Biden wants to gradually replace gas-powered cars with electric ones. This could help the environment. Electric vehicle creators, Tesla, Rivian, Lordstown, Ford and General Motors would benefit from this change. As they have high investments in the production of electric vehicles. The …


4 Tech Must Haves for Back to School 2020

If you’re a student, chances are that you’re about to start your classes really soon. Schools all over the world are coming up with different systems and precautions based on what’s right for their location. We’ve put together 4 tech must haves for back to school 2020. Some universities and schools are entirely online. But other …


5 Ways to Use Google Chrome to its Full Potential

If you’re a Google Chrome lover, why wouldn’t you want to brush up on all the best methods for using Chrome to its full potential? There are so many keyboard shortcuts, browser extensions, and improved search options available.  And the best part? They’re all just a few clicks away! You just have to know where …