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Are Humanitarians As Great As We Think They Are?

You might know a few humanitarians or two. You might have even been a humanitarian yourself at one point in your lifetime. They are often praised for the services in other parts of the world, which are most often third-world countries or impoverished countries like India and Guatemala. We as a society admire humanitarians for …


Traveling On A Budget: 6 Affordable Destinations

When it comes to traveling, you might think that, in order to have a good time, you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg. However, that is completely false. There are so many budget-friendly places to travel to that many people don’t realize are budget-friendly. There are a variety of affordable destinations. Destinations all …


Most Affordable Winter Vacation Destinations

During winter, it’s nice to get away from the cold and enjoy a warm vacation. Planning a vacation can be overwhelming and may even seem impossible when you are on a budget. Many people desire to leave the chill behind but think vacationing is too expensive. Actually, there are several excellent destinations that won’t break …