There has been a huge movement recently for women to help empower one another, and what a great concept that is. Sometimes it feels like current society encourages us to break each other down for success, but beautiful things happen when we work together. It is easy to get started with this powerful movement. We have compiled eight great ways to help your fellow woman.

Know your own Worth

Women around the world are still experiencing inequality in both pay, and structure, in the workforce. Never accept less than you deserve. If you do, you are teaching other people how to treat you, and the people like you. You need to be your own advocate in meetings and boardrooms, and stand up for yourself. It is important to help teach other women to do the same. Future generations of working women will thank you, because every step forward matters.

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Shut Down Negativity

Standards for women are often unrealistic. The beauty industry and media help reinforce unhealthy ideas of what a woman is suppose to look like, and how she is suppose to act. The pervasiveness of the Internet has only exacerbated the issue. While the Internet is a great source of information, it has also become a place of great negativity. Cyber bulling is at an all time high, and these comments often attack a woman’s appearance.

We need to promote a positive body image by demanding that the media shows us a variety of women from all walks of life. In the same vein, we need to stand up for each other online. We need to let bullies and trolls who attack people based on their appearance know that we won’t stand for it. Confronting negative comments and images both online, and in real life, can help the women of the future see themselves in a new light.

shut down mental negativity
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Be Open and Honest

With how harsh the world is today, many people find it hard to be vulnerable by being open and honest. While sharing your experiences with others may be hard, it can help other women find their voice. Many powerful women throughout history have shared their struggles and spoken up, and because they did, we now enjoy the rights we have today. Be sure to listen to other women’s stories too, as we can always learn from others.

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Support Women Run Businesses

Connecting with small business owners in your town does not only help that business flourish, but also helps create a strong community. Different ways to support a business include investing, promoting, or even just making purchases. Supporting small businesses can make all the difference when, in today’s world, big business seems to be taking over everything.

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Support Women in Crisis

Every day millions of women are subject to abuse. The different kinds of abuse vary from human trafficking, physical abuse, mental abuse, and sadly much more. You can help by working with programs that aid women in crisis. These programs have trained staff that helps with counseling, education, medical care, and more. Volunteering at one of these shelters would touch many women’s lives, because volunteering is a critical part of what makes these programs successful. If you don’t have time to physically volunteer you can always donate to women’s shelters. If we work together, we can end the cycle of violence.

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Become a Mentor

Empower women by becoming a mentor. Many women are held back due to poverty and lack of education. You can make a difference in your own community by becoming a mentor to a young woman. There are many mentorship programs you can work with, the most common being the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program. Another option is inspiring women in your community in a more relaxed environment, such as getting a group together, and focusing on an empowerment activity.

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Fight Against Injustice

Standing up for women’s rights is a powerful way to fight against injustice. You can do this by participating in women’s marches, voting, and writing to your local representatives. Get involved in government! Help, by encouraging other women you know to do the same, and possibly even join a group of like-minded individuals. The key to fighting injustice is activism.

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Appreciate the Women in your Life

This may seem easy enough, as you probably already appreciate the women in your life to an extent, but we are suggesting that you make a conscious effort. You can encourage and empower women by starting with the women you are closest to. Helping out a new mom, or giving a thank you letter to a teacher, can really make a difference. It may seem tiny, but those small efforts will have a ripple effect. Let the women in your family know how much you care about them. You may think they know, but when was the last time you told them?

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By taking these steps we can help empower women in our lives and in our community. Remember, it starts with all of us. If you’re interested in learning more about how far women have come and current events that have empowered women recently, check out this article on An All-Female Spacewalk Is Finally Happening.