We should never overlook how anyone can make a difference. There is so much fear and injustice in the world, and although that is horrifying, the model citizen can and will always stand up. Houston baker Rukmini Das was initially baking more as a hobby, but she took the initiative with it when the George Floyd protests started up. She saw an injustice blatantly committed, and decided to spread awareness through her unique skills. We should all follow in Das’ footsteps.

Summer 2020 shed so much light on issues of racism and police brutality that are still rife in our country. And Das made a choice to create a bake sale that donates to anti-racist charities that need all of our support. 

If you’re ready to discover more about this empowered woman’s story and what you can do to help the US become more anti-racist, you’re going to love this:

Cakes For BLM

Das put her baking skills to a fantastic cause by deciding to exchange her baked goods for charitable donations to important anti-racist charities such as the:

You can check out her Instagram, Cakes for BLM, where she features the latest creations of her and the volunteer bakers and details the charity that the proceeds went to. 

Das even lets customers suggest anti-racist charities that they’d like the proceeds to go to. Initially, she had a list of a few. Still, she’s always happy to learn about more that exist and to donate to them once she makes she that they’re anti-racist initiatives in the US.

It’s a brilliant incentive, as the narratives on racist violence in white spaces are still very dishonest, and white people can go their whole lives never understanding what’s happening. But something all Americans love is cake, and therefore somebody out there will be forced to listen to the truth. If some minds are changed for good, then this project was a success.

The Cakes for BLM story reads as follows: “Cakes For BLM began in Houston, Texas during the BLM protests following the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in 2020 among countless other Black Americans killed by the police. By doing our small part, we want to support anti-racism organizations in the U.S. by donating proceeds from homemade baked goods. We aim to unite bakers with cake lovers under the common goal of raising money for organizations that fight for justice and equality.”

Want Some Cake?

While her baked goods are solely available in the Houston area, a few volunteer bakers have joined the force. There’s currently another one in Houston, one in California, and one in New Jersey. Long term, Das hopes that she can find more volunteer bakers so that this form of giving to charity becomes more accessible across the country.

But anti-racist movements are more than a trend, and she is looking to maintain this project long term to help move the country forward. So definitely follow her Instagram account to stay tuned in case some volunteer bakers pop up around your area.

These cakes look delicious, and they are for a meaningful cause that we should all work towards. For each order, Das requests a minimum $50 donation for the anti-racist initiative of choice. She puts aside $5-10 to cover the costs of ingredients, and the rest of it goes directly to a well-researched charity.

Here is the mission statement, as stated on the Cakes for BLM website:

“Homemade cakes for a cause:

Every cake is made from scratch and with love by volunteers. Our goal is to raise funds for organizations fighting for equality and racial justice in America.

Keeping up the momentum:

Our goal is to keep financial support of these organizations constant even when police brutality is not front page news.

Expanding our network:

We are always looking to expand our group of volunteer bakers! If you’re interested in joining our team, send us an email at cakesforblm@gmail.com.

All Black Lives Matter:

We believe that the support of Black lives must be inclusive of those who are queer, trans, disabled, undocumented, and across the gender spectrum.”

What Can You Do?

Yes, Cakes for BLM are so beautiful and are incredibly delicious. But if you’re not in range of any of the volunteer bakers, don’t let that stop you from making a difference in the country.

Das offers a pretty sweet trade for donating to charity. But honestly, the real reward is being a part of the right side of history and being a part of something bigger than yourself. America is finally waking up to all of the injustices towards Black lives. And now that more and more of us can see what’s been going on and witness all of the violence done to our fellow human beings, we can’t let it stand.

So yes, follow Cakes for BLM. But also find some ways that you can help make the difference that we all want to see. Her Instagram account is full of some great charities that you can choose from to make a donation. And there’s surely a Black-owned business close to you. The next time you eat out, go there, as they need your money much more than the conglomerates.

And don’t be silent about standing up for what’s right. Rukmini Das is an inspirational empowered woman that is helping to forge the way to a better future. Let’s do what we can to improve the collective. This fight is not over, despite how many times the ignorant try to claim it is. There is no excuse for these injustices, and they present a threat to justice for all.

We will not stop until there are reparations and accountability for these heinous crimes against humanity. Even if that means raising funds and changing minds, one cake at a time, that will be a fight worth taking.

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