The name Stacey Abrams might sound familiar to you. This is because she was influential to the politics of Georgia and the voter turnout during the 2020-2021 elections within that state and all over the country. It is not an easy task to increase voter registration and turn out. The fact that Abrams devotes her life to this and similar tasks is pretty admirable if not inspiring.

Recently, the Nobel Peace Prize has made their award nominations known. Stacey Abrams is one of that nominees. She is being recognized for her work during the nationwide election. This is an exceptional award for the most prominent figures in history. So, it is an extreme honor that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee would nominate someone like her. Let’s be honest, a lot of us can’t even get nominated for an employee of the month award. Can you even imagine being in her situation? Probably not.

Below, we will take a look at the great Stacey Abrams and her contributions to society. We will also look at the Nobel Peace Prize so that you could better understand why this is such an honor.

What We Know About Stacey Abrams

We know Abrams for her work in politics as a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives. She was also the former Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives and former member of the Georgia House of Representatives for another district. However, Abrams’ story goes back to her formative years as a child.

Abrams grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi with her five other siblings. According to her website, her three tenets as a child were “go to school, go to work, and take care of each other.” Though she didn’t come from great wealth, her parents still made it a priority to help the less fortunate writing “if someone was less fortunate, it was their job to serve that person”. This along with her parents’ strong value for providing educational opportunities for their children is the reason why they went to Georgia. It is in Georgia that, Abrams attended Spelman College where she received her Bachelor’s degree. She then went to the LBJ School of Public Affairs, the University of Texas and Yale Law School. As you can see, she was no stranger to education. 

With all of her degrees, Abrams decided to use them to benefit her community. Her goal was to better the lives of her fellow Georgians through the government, non-profit and business sectors. Today, it’s because of her that many voters across Georgia vote. Many businesses benefited too through the NOW Account, a financial services firm she formed that focused on helping small businesses. 

I don’t live in Georgia, but I am sure that the people there are grateful for her work.

The Significance of the Nobel Peace Prize

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The Nobel Peace Prize began in 1868 with Swedish businessman, Alfred Nobel. After the millionaire’s death, Nobel’s fortune was put into an account. The money would then “be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who…shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind” according to the Nobel Peace Prize website. His declaration was in his will along with the categories in which each prize would be given. The categories for each award being physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, physiology, and peace.

The Nobel Peace Prize is significant to society today for its acknowledgment of people who are pivotal to the progression of society. People such as Theodore Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela, for instance, have contributed much to their home countries, if not the world. Mandela was the catalyst for ending Apartheid in South Africa and Roosevelt was the peace negotiator for the Russo-Japanese war which took place from 1904 to 1905. It is amazing people like this who perform these types of accomplishments that the Prize honors.

Why Nominate Stacey Abrams?

The committee is considering Abrams a nominee for her work with her organization the Fair Fight Action, which has been working to fight against voter suppression in the state of Georgia.

Abrams has been working to increase voter registration and turn-out for some time now. Back in 2014, Abrams first formed the New Georgia Project to get Black voters voting in the midterm elections according to The Hill. After losing Georgia’s gubernatorial race to Republican Brian Kemp who is now governor, the Fair Fight Action arose to combat voter suppression across the country.

Today, Abrams and her grass-roots efforts to increase Black voter registration have been credited for the recent Presidential election turnouts. 

Congrats to Stacey Abrams!

This is a big accomplishment for Abrams. Though the prize has not been given out yet, it is still an honor to be a nominee. There have been many people who have been chosen as nominees so far, but out of all of them, none exhibit the determination that can obviously be seen in Abrams. Her family, friends, and celebrities congratulate her.

We should all join in congratulating Abrams for this achievement. Showing support for brilliant women like this should be something we all should do and, frankly, don’t do enough. You can do this by showing your support on social media or by commenting down below. You decide! Women like Abram do a lot for the community. I hope you found this article inspiring enough to follow for your own personal journeys.

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