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5 Practical Ways to Burn Body Fat

We’re always telling ourselves to lose weight, regardless on whether we actually achieve it. There’s a reason why it’s the New Years’ Resolution most made, and by consequence most broken. But we’re here to help. A healthier body and soul is always a wonderful goal to strive for. If you’re ready to commit to that …


The Best New Year’s Resolutions

2020 was the start of the new decade, and it sure did change life as we know it. Wearing masks and being socially distant became the new normal. This new year is also going to be a lot different. We may be trading in the annual New Years’ Eve parties for a bit more time …


Diets Don’t Work: So What Does?

“I’m on a diet,” you hear your friend say. A future of carrots and rabbit food pops into your mind. The truth is that weight is an issue a lot of us face and diets don’t work. Obesity affected 93.3 million Americans in 2015 and 2016 according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According …