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5 Practical Ways to Burn Body Fat

We’re always telling ourselves to lose weight, regardless on whether we actually achieve it. There’s a reason why it’s the New Years’ Resolution most made, and by consequence most broken. But we’re here to help. A healthier body and soul is always a wonderful goal to strive for. If you’re ready to commit to that …


Breakup With Your Work From Home Schedule

Before the start of the pandemic, a workday generally included a morning routine and a commute to and from the workplace. In our new pandemic existence, the way that we work and/or go to school has changed drastically. Loungewear is the new business casual and pets have become our colleagues. It is important to remember …


Home Fitness Circuits from Jeanette Jenkins Instagram

If you’re looking for some more awesome fitness inspiration from a famous celebrity fitness trainer, look no further. You may know Jeanette Jenkins as the founder of her fitnesses company The Hollywood Trainer.  She’s helped train celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Pink! So you know you’re in good hands when following her workout routines. …


How to Start Achieving Your Exercise Goal

It’s always easier said than done to simply just work out when you want to or feel like you need to. It can be tough to make healthy changes in your life. But exercising has several great mental and physical benefits that will significantly improve your life. The following tips will help you start achieving your …