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Curly Girls

Top 8 Curly Hair Products

Maintaining and styling curly hair has been a hassle since the beginning of time. Bless the souls of all you strong minded women who do it everyday without a complaint. To make things a little easier, we have compiled a list of our favorite curly hair products to get your night or morning started off …

Curly Girls

Chemical Free DIY Hair Dyes

Why use traditional hair dyes? They are full of chemicals that can have toxic effects on your body. Yuck, right? According to the American Cancer Society, both semipermanent and permanent oxidative hair dyes penetrate the hair shaft and can potentially increase cancer risk, particularly for bladder cancer and blood cancers like leukemia. More studies are …

Curly Girls

Curly Girl Hairstyle Trend Inspiration for 2020

Searching for new ways to update your hairstyle? Now is the perfect time to get inspired about how you’re going to style your hair next! Whether it’s planning for your next hair cut, grabbing some must-have products, or experimenting with your hair at home- we’ve found some gorgeous curly girl hairstyle trends to explore! Today, …

curly girl
Curly Girls

Best DIY Hair Masks for Curly Girls

DIY hair masks are so nutritious and helpful for mending damaged hair. Damage can occur by over processing your hair through hot tools, chemicals or even the sun. There are plenty of great products out there but, the truth is, the best thing to keep your hair strong and healthy is to use homemade methods …