If you have been listening to any radio stations over the past few years, you probably have heard the work of Billie Eilish at one point or another. The American singer-songwriter rose to fame in the music industry in what seemed like an instant. She is one of the youngest artists to rise to fame so quickly and acquire such a large following along the way.

Her music is something fresh and new that contributes to the alternative genre in ways no one has done before. Many of her fans appreciate how unique she is, and it is unquestionable that Billie has a remarkable talent. Beyond this, though, she has been breaking records, standing up for body positivity, and fearlessly expressing herself.

If you want to know more about Billie Eilish and her amazing role in inspiring women everywhere, keep reading:

A Little Bit About Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish was born in Los Angeles as Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. Her first name was originally going to be Eilish, but it became her middle name. Interestingly, her brother chose her other middle name to be Pirate. Baird and O’Connell are the last names of her parents. While we know her as Billie Eilish, it is no surprise that she has a unique name–and a unique beginning–from the very start.

Billie’s father was a part-time actor and full-time construction worker. Her mother was also in the acting field, but additionally homeschooled Billie and her brother Finneas. In homeschool, their mother encouraged them to creatively express themselves however they wanted. This uncommon childhood likely led Billie to where she is today, and also, contributed to her rise to fame.

At the young age of 13, Billie began working creatively with her brother and uploading their work to sound cloud. By 2015, her infamous breakout song “Ocean Eyes” attracted the attention of listeners around the world.

It was only a matter of time before the young teen became an iconic figure.

The worldwide interest in Billie revealed itself quite quickly, and many books, posters, and merchandise are created to honor the star.

Now that we’ve discussed some back story, let’s get into the ways that Billie Eilish is an inspiration for women all over the world:

Billie Is Breaking Records

At the time, only one year had gone by since Billie’s debut album. But, by then, she had already broken several records, topped the charts, sold out several concerts, and won a countless number of rewards.

Billie Eilish received multiple different nominations for the Grammy Awards based on her astounding first album. In fact, she went on to become the first woman to win all four major Grammy Awards. By the way–this was all in just one night.

The American teen is also one of three female solo artists in history to create more than one single that ranked #1 in the alternative genre. Her songs “bad guy” and “bury a friend” are two singles that landed in first place on the Billboard charts. But, if you are already a fan, you know that Billie has many other wonderful and catchy songs that are also receiving worldwide recognition.

Billie Eilish Is Body Positive

As of 2021, Billie Eilish is just 19 years old. Yet, her career began much earlier. In other words, she has been legally underage for the majority of her career. While we think it is a given that all women should not be critiqued or characterized by their appearance, it is far worse to imagine the body of an underage teenager being talked about in the public eye. Yet, Eilish continues to get many negative comments about her body–with a lot of these comments revolving around her baggy fashion looks.

Despite this, Eilish is stoic in her stance on fashion and is not at all ashamed of her appearance. She does not let other people’s opinions bring her down. In fact, Billie fights back with her own, open self-acceptance. Better yet, she is not afraid to call out people that comment on her appearance. The teen continues to wear baggy, modest clothing with the intention that she is not sexualized–making her both a feminist icon and a refreshing change in the industry.

In doing so, Billie is showing young women all over the world that you are not defined by your body or your appearance.

This is such an important thing for all women–especially young women–to see. Society is constructed in a way that makes us feel like we need to look nice or dress for the male gaze. Billie is not subscribing to those misogynistic narratives–regardless of what other people have to say. You shouldn’t either.

Billie Is Honest About Her Mental Health

So many people stigmatize mental health, and as a result, people are afraid to talk about it or reach out for help. If you have been following Eilish over the years, it is no secret that 2018 was a really hard year on Billie mentally. What is especially incredible about Billie is that she is not afraid to share her struggles with the world. In fact, she likely does it to use her platform in a positive way. That is, she wants to remind you that you are not alone, and moreover, should never be ashamed of mental illness.

As the world continues to progress, it is so important that the mental health realm becomes equated to physical illnesses. Older generations have not prioritized mental health, nor have they created adequate resources for those who are struggling. Thus, Billie’s raw honesty at such a young age is not only admirable; she provides younger generations with hope for the future.

While it is well established that Billie is beyond talented, she empowers her audience in ways that extend beyond her music. The mere fact that Billie’s rise to fame and record-breaking accomplishments occurred all in her teen years shows young women that it is never too early to chase their dreams. Moreover, the artist reminds us your appearance means nothing when it comes to succeeding in life, and, like Billie–we should condemn any instance that it does. Beyond this, Billie demonstrates that it is completely normal to struggle with mental health, regardless of your circumstances. If we follow in the footsteps of women like Billie Eilish, we may just end up toppling the whole system.