Every woman has felt, at sometime or another, that her body is just not good enough. It seems like our bodies are always in the public eye, being sexualized and compared to images that have been photoshopped and Facetuned. There is no way to meet these standards. Unrealistic ideas begin to creep into women’s minds, and a negative body image starts to form. Jameela Jamil is promoting body positivity.

To make matters worse, it seems that the media is not the only one provoking this body shaming nowadays. In July 2019 a woman received a package from the popular retailer Forever 21. Along with the plus sized jeans she had ordered, she also received an Atkin’s diet bar. This sent a negative message that this woman needed to lose weight. Forever 21 claimed that the diet bar was sent out in every package at that time, and did not pertain to just plus size orders. Still, this distasteful move sparked an uproar on social media and gained the attention of known body image activist, Jameela Jamil.

Jamil’s Advocacy

Jamil is a strong advocate for the body positive movement.

She is no stranger when it comes to speaking out for women who have been discriminated against because of their body type. Her passion to help women comes from her unique backstory. Jamil was born partially deaf, and in her teens was bedridden due to an unfortunate accident. She has also shared that she suffers from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) as well as eczema. She was often made fun of by her peers because of these differences. This bullying stayed with Jamil her entire life, and prompted her to take action.

After landing a gig as a BBC Radio DJ, Jamil faced public scrutiny because of weight gain she experienced due to asthma medication. This sparked her to create a blog called “Diary of a Goon” where she spoke up against the body image criticism she and other women constantly faced. This blog empowered women across the globe.

Along with her blog Jamil is currently spearheading a social media body positive campaign known as “I Weigh.” This campaign celebrates radical inclusivity. Women are encouraged to send in photos of themselves celebrating their body, and all of its beauty. She has recently hired six female employees to take her campaign to a corporate level, and has even gained the attention of The Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle.

Being a Role Model

Even though Jamil is a role model for many, she admits that she is not perfect. In 2013 she spoke negatively about Miley Cyrus’s music video, claiming that Cyrus expressed too much vulgarity. She has also made negative comments about Beyoncé. But, Jamil admits that she has made mistakes. As a young woman she was angry, but did not know where the source of her anger came from. Now, she explains that after therapy, and her new understanding of patriarchy, she knows who to direct her anger towards.

Because of people like Jamil, body positivity seems to be something most women are striving for now.

Seeing women that take issue with how our bodies are constantly critiqued sparks the conversation of how we can work to change that narrative.

Jamil admits that she can be intimidating, but if you’re not toxic, then you will not have to face her wrath.

That is why Jameela Jamil is promoting body positivity and why her work is so influential. She is prompting women everywhere to take control of how they feel about their bodies. And do not let others dictate how they should love themselves. Every woman is different and those differences should be respected, and even more important, celebrated.

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