On November 7, 2020, a crucial event in the course of American history occurred. The presidential and vice presidential elects were finally announced. And many of us were brought to tears of relief and hope for what it means for the future of our country. Kamala Harris just broke an American glass ceiling.

Perhaps the most inspiring event following this historical announcement was the speech given by Kamala Harris that very evening. Her speech had a message that inspired girls and women of all backgrounds, socioeconomic standing, and races. 

Besides being one of the Best Female Speakers at the 2020 Democratic Convention earlier this year, Kamala Harris is going to do so much more to inspire women across the globe. And we are here for it.

When Will She Get Into Office?

Many of us wish that the second the presidential elects were selected that they could get right to work. But we still need to wait a couple of months before the transition of power occurs. By January 20th, 2021, we’re going to see them move into office.

It’s been a long time coming. But things are finally starting to look up.

Background on Kamala Harris

Born in Oakland, California, Kamala Harris is the daughter of Afro-Jamaican and Indian Tamil parents. So on top of being the first woman to be in office, she’s going to be the first woman of colour to have such a high rank in the US. If that isn’t progress, what is?

She is going to be the first African American, the first Asian American, the first Carribean American, the first woman to ever be vice president of the United States of America. On January 20th, 2021, she will be the most powerful a woman has ever been in America.

We’re certainly behind on the times because other countries have elected women to be in power. But with the exception of President Obama, the US has mostly stuck to electing white men as their presidents and vice presidents despite the fact that ANY American is allowed to run and win.

For many years, discrimination against the Black Female as been horrific and completely disrespectful. The sickness of racism has even reared its ugly head this year in 2020 with the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. So to see Kamala Harris reach the heights that she is at is so important for our country and so empowering to all of us in the name of progress.

Her Career in Politics

While Kamala Harris is now coming to the global stage and the VP of the US, she’s been making significant waves to empower minorities, immigrants, and females for years. For instance, in 2016 when she became the first South Asian and second African American to be elected to the senate, she advocated for the following things:

She also advocated for women’s bodies and critically questioned the actions that the president was taking for those four years. All of which made her widely recognized and adored for her empowering stance and refusal to take crap from misogynist patriarchal power.

She was also running for president but unfortunately ended her running in 2019. On the bright side, former VP to President Obama, Joe Biden, chose her as his running mate in August 2020. And we can’t wait to see how the world starts to heal and become gradually sane once she takes power.

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