Youtube sensation Lilly Singh breaks the glass ceiling and made history with the debut of her late night talk show “A Little Late With Lilly Singh”. The 1:35 A.M. time slot was held for 17 years by Carson Daly. This NBC network late night talk show is the first to be hosted by a woman and woman of color. This is a smart business move for NBC since Singh naturally attracts a younger crowd. She also has a solid Youtube following that will likely convert to viewers of the late night show.

Evolution of Lilly Singh

Singh is known for her lighthearted comedic gestures and witty comments. As an Indian woman with immigrant parents she draws her humor from her less-mainstream but equally comical existence. It is important that Singh capitalizes on winning over the more progressive audience NBC is trying to court. Singh’s identity is the fuel for her comedic intrigue. Her talk show will also film season one in a three-month binge has caused some challenges for both NBC and Singh.

In a realm of television that has a history of white males running things, there is a lot at stake. But this challenge does not scare Singh. She calls her unique point of view on mainstream media a relief and a blessing.

From the look of things Singh is already off to a great start with her new venture. Lilly’s best moments came from her embracing her comedic roots and bonding with Indian-American actress Mindy Kaling. The pair shared a heartfelt moment as they discussed the thrill of being mistaken for Priyanka Chopra.

During the premiere Singh also shares a touching moment as she tells Kaling that she has paved the way for women like herself. This was an empowering moment because it showed that all women have the power to to uplift themselves as well as each other. That is what makes this talk show so different than its predecessors.

Girl Love

As a woman that works to empower other women, Lilly Singh breaks the glass ceiling and is no stranger to spreading love and giving credit where it’s due. In December 2015 she started a social media campaign called, “Girl Love”. This campaign is centered around the uplifting of women everywhere. It encourages women to spread love and not hate in order to build others up, instead of tearing them down. Singh’s initial Youtube video announcing the campaign has since received over one million views, which shows just how powerful the movement has been thus far.

Her campaign also supports the education of girls and the building of sustainable communities in Kenya through the Me to We Organization.

It is safe to say that this talk show is exactly what America needs at this moment in time. Scandals with inappropriate work place relationships, reporting and serial sexual harassment have become prevalent as of late. The charm of bland ironic comments from besuited white men has come to an end. People are hungry for content that is out of the norm with ferocious subjectivity and Singh can do just that.

This fresh new face on television will only help empower women all over the globe. It is also opening the door for women of color to break ground in other white dominated fields.

Singh wants women to remember that no matter what goal you are working to accomplish, it is time to break the cycle of girl-on-girl hate because we are all in this together.

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