We love powerful women that strive to empower other women. And Nicki Minaj is a fantastic role model for all of us to follow. She advocates for herself and doesn’t let other people tell her what she deserves or control how much she gets paid. Nicki takes matters into her own hands like the empowered woman that she is. And she urges all of us to do the same. Here is what we can all learn from Nicki Minaj’s Time Interview commanding equal pay as men:

We Are Intelligent

Nicki makes it clear that none of us needs a man to do things for us or to tell us we’re intelligent enough. We are smart enough to do things and deserve compensation for our talents.

In a lot of workplaces, women are often paid drastically less than men. In sociology, this sort of thing is often called the glass ceiling. But Nicki is shattering that. She knows that she’s just as good- if not better- than her male industry counterparts.

She comes up with and creates her own raps. And she doesn’t need anyone to write them for her because she knows that she is a lyrical genius. Because of influences in society, many of us devalue our intelligence because the patriarchy makes us feel like we are less than. But we’re not.

We Can Take Charge

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Nicki shares in her interview with Time, “I think that before I could remember wanting to do anything else, I knew that I wanted to be in charge.” Not only is Nicki the boss of her life, but she also commands to be paid the same rates as male rappers out there. 

“If you know you’re great at what you do,” Nicki states, “don’t ever be ashamed to ask for top dollar in anything you do.” This message is empowering and very real when you know that you have amazing talents. And the only thing keeping you from being paid the same as men is workplace sexism. 

We All Have Talents

None of us deserves to be made to feel less than we all are. Each and every one of us should be able to feel empowered and knowledgable that we have unique talents that make us stand out from the crowd. 

And the best way to discover the talents that make you unique is to follow your passions. Nicki is a successful rapper not only because of her ability but also because of her passion, hard work, and boss energy. 

What is it that you really enjoy doing? Whatever it is, it’s something that you have the potential to develop as a skill and turn into something amazing for yourself. It’s something where when you get so good at doing it, you’ll be able to charge top dollar and no one will be able to tell you differently. 

Don’t Listen to Negativity

It’s always fine to listen to constructive criticism from others. But if people are straight-up trying to devalue you or discourage you from following your dreams, you don’t need to give them the time of day. 

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While it’s okay for everyone to have their own opinions, no one knows you as well as you know yourself. And no one will be there for you in all of the ways that you can be there for yourself. It’s essential to be your own best friend and cheerleader.

Not only do negative voices come from the outside world, but many of them also come from our inner voices. We have to change our thought patterns to focus on the best parts of ourselves. And we have to tell ourselves that we can accomplish anything, command anything, and take charge of our lives if we start by believing we can.

Nicki Minaj’s Time interview is an inspiration for all women. If you’re interested in reading more empowered women, check out How Rihanna’s Career Inspires Female Empowerment.