5 Celebrities with Empowering Messages

It can get all too easy to see the world right now as a place where progress is slowing. And many of us struggle to see the way many powerful and amazing women are standing up for our rights and spreading empowering messages. Of course, you don’t need to be famous to speak out against inequality and work towards a better future!

That said, these 5 empowered celebrity women are helping change the world by speaking out against misogyny and pay gaps.

Check out these lovely women and the messages that they send out to help the world become a better place for all of us:


This trailblazer has been challenging the patriarchy for several decades. Now, she is a major feminist icon and an inspiration to all of us.

Additionally, she forged a path for other contemporary artists such as Lady Gaga, pushing the boundaries on the roles that the patriarchy tries to cast women into.

Moreover, Madonna’s cultural impact expands to the world as a whole. Her influence empowers to many people across the planet as we all follow her lead in demolishing the patriarchy! She is an amazing woman, standing against sexism, ageism, and creating a new narrative outside of the boxes that we’re forced into.

Mindy Kaling

This Indian-American comedian has some words to say about how the world expects women to hate themselves. And she refuses to do it. She points out how many people feel uncomfortable with the fact that she is comfortable with herself. 

Working in the male-dominated comedy industry, she shines her light as a pillar of self-acceptance. She states that “For everyone, men and women, it’s important to be a feminist”. We can all take a page out of Mindy’s book and start loving ourselves and putting our well-being first today! 

Angelina Jolie

This beautiful actress, philanthropist, and mother of 6 does so much work with the UN to try and empower women throughout the world. In war-torn areas of the Earth, she lends a helping hand to help heal the struggles that too many of Earth’s women have to go through.

In recognition of her philanthropic services with the United Nations, she earned the “Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award”. She is an absolutely fantastic person and actively works towards improving our world by empowering women!

Viola Davis

We all deserve equal pay. And besides, there still being a sexist pay gap in many industries, there is an additional racial pay gap that disadvantages some women more than others. Moreover, Viola Davis, a strong woman known for spreading empowering messages, won’t stand for this.

She speaks out, explaining that everyone deserves adequate compensation for what they bring to the table. People should never have to work harder due to their gender or race. And her platform is incredible. She calls out the patriarchy for not paying women equally. Similarly, different races should be paid the same as white counterparts.

Amandla Stenberg

This singer and Hunger Games actress is exceptional. She explains and calls out cultural appropriation and heteronormativity.

In 2015, she reached out with a YouTube video called “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows” telling how pop culture culturally appropriates black hairstyles. 

In her video, Stenberg explains: 

“Cultural appropriation occurs when a style leads to racist stereotypes […] But it’s deemed as high-fashion, cool, or funny when the privileged take it for themselves.” 

She speaks out against the damaging cultural appropriation that occurs in our society. Furthermore, her speech raises awareness of the ways that people unconsciously disempower others.

In other words, we should all pay more attention to the real reasons behind norms. Then, we can take a look at how we can dismantle hatred and unequal power in the world.

These lovely celebrities are helping the world move forward into equality by spreading empowering messages. If you’re interested in more empowered women content, check out Affirmations: Empower Your Life With Positive Statements.