Here at Liz Fe Lifestyle, our overall goal is to empower women. We try to speak on important topics, inspire you, and give you confidence. But, we also show you the products, people, and organizations that inspire our magazine. The Empower Women organization is one of many groups that inspired us to write. It is important that we spread their messages to our audience.

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All women deserve to be lifted up in so many ways– regardless of where they are in the world. While there has been progress, much more work needs to be done. In this article, we are going to discuss what the Empower Women project focuses on and strives for. We are even going to tell you about some of the work they are doing today.

If you are interested in reading about this incredible organization, keep reading. We are sure you will be inspired by all that Empower Women does.

The Start Of Empower Women Organization

The Empower Women organization only moved online in 2013. Their original, international conference in Ottawa took place in 2011. Women from Canada and The UN discussed women economic empowerment across the world.

“The conference assembled more than 100 global experts, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, development practitioners, academics, and business and industry leaders to share their experiences and best practices on how to break down the barriers to women’s economic empowerment.”

Empower Women Organization

Initially, the online platform was named “Knowledge Gateway on Women’s Economic Empowerment.” However, it is now a shortened version of the original name. The online organization is now known as “Empower Women.”

The driving force for Empower Women lies in the economic inequalities between women and men. Out of every ten people in the workforce, only four are women. It is well known that women receive less pay than men, and it is talked about often. In addition to this, women struggle to reach higher paying positions in their careers. Also, women face unsteady employment spheres. They do the majority of unpaid labor (such as house-work or child care).

Today, the Empower Women organization has almost 20,000 members. Additionally, these members are from over 198 different countries all over the world. While this organization is online, it is making monumental strides towards making economic life better for women in the real world.

What Does The Empower Women Organization Do?

Empower Women is an organization that women (and men) must get behind. The organization collects the support of both women and men. In doing so, they help tackle the stigma of male feminism. These members are willing to lead, advocate, and create change in both local and global areas.

Thus, the main goal here is to help every single woman economically live her best life. They give women access to crucial resources. In turn, these resources help women achieve their goals. With ever-growing global networks for women empowerment, the organization writes on their goal.

“Together, we are taking actions and driving change for women’s economic empowerment both online and offline.”

Empower Women Organization, ‘Who We Are.’

Empower Women provides resources for supporters on their website. These include global networks of agents seeking change, almost 3,000 resources for women and men to learn from, a discussion forum, opportunities and events, and worldwide recognition as a member of Empower Women.

It is clear that this organization wants to help women to use their voices and be heard. Of course, we are in a world where men usually have the voice. Now, women are taking back power and using their voices. Learning about the Empower Women website is a great first step. Now that you know about it, you can reap the benefits from becoming a member.

How Are They Changing The World?

Believe it or not, empowering women does so much good for the entire world. In other words, empowering women is good for everyone–not just women. It is no secret the patriarchy kept us from our power and potential for a long time. This came from a fearful mindset, as if empowering women means women will take all power.

We do not need to give this nonsense any further weight as we move forward. Truly empowered men will know that empowered women are something to praise, not something to get rid of. As mentioned, We Empower is an organization that relies on both men and women. The organization strives for overall equality. Many of us do not realize that equality of the sexes will be better for everyone.

As more women become financially empowered, they will be able to experience so much more stability. They can get necessities for themselves and their family. Additionally, more women can access resources that the patriarchy (or other social/financial circumstances) barred from them.

If women have these resources, women and men will be able to raise their children better. With an empowered parent, a child grows to be secure in themselves, and feels supported. The world could use more empowered kids and parents.

It is easy to see how Empower Women is propelling the entire world into a better future. Their work will lead to more equality and financial security for women now. Ultimately, though, they are already empowering the next generation. 

What Is Empower Women Working On Now?

The website continues to provide excellent resources for their readers. However, Empower Women has recently narrowed in their focus. Since 2018, Empower Women has been working on a three year program. This program is called “WE EMPOWER.” As stated on their website, EU and UN groups worked with labor organizations to form the current project.

“WE EMPOWER [is about] promoting economic empowerment of women at work through responsible business in G7 countries.”

Empower Women Organization, ‘Projects’.

The project targets both public and private sectors. It aims to create fair, sustainable, and inclusive economic growth through equal policies. This tool for women empowerment focuses on G7 countries. These countries are seven of the world’s most competitive economies.

The project includes the following countries:

  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany 
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • UK
  • US

While there are seven countries in the group, the “WE EMPOWER” project is not in all of them. Currently, the project is set for implementation in Canada, Japan, and the United States. But, knowing how unique this organization is, we bet they will take on other projects and help improve the rest of the world as they grow.

So many sources that empower women are suppressed. In fact, there is even a stigma for men who call themselves a feminist. The reality is, women face socioeconomic struggles because of the system dominated by men. Therefore, we must support these organizations now more than ever. Through the Empowered Women organization, we, as women, have more power than ever before. It is so important that you take advantage of these resources and organizations that fight for us. At the end of the day, the future of women depends on us.

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