Our personal health is of the utmost importance. In today’s day and age, we are constantly bombarded with new exercises to try, new diets to try, and ways to “better ourselves” all around, whether it be from social media, television, or even our own doctors. While nobody can seem to stop talking about our bodies and how we can physically improve our health, mental health tends to fall on the back burner, or be swept under the rug entirely.

The state of our mental health is insanely important to how we function and, arguably, the most important aspect of our overall health. We can be the most fit we have ever been in our lives, yet if our mental health has us struggling, it’s impossible to feel our best. When someone gets a cut on their finger, they are not ashamed to ask for a band-aid, so why are we so afraid to ask for help when we are emotionally struggling? Mental health ups and downs are something that everyone goes through; it’s time to stop treating it as though it is a taboo topic. Ready to take that first step towards mentally bettering yourself? Pick up The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong: One Woman’s Approach to Daily Mental Health by Liz Fe Lifestyle.

If you’ve ever been hesitant to hear what people may remark about mental health, it’s always good to start by hearing it from someone who truly knows what they’re talking about; that is where Amy Morin comes in. Morin, an impressive psychotherapist and a trainer in mental strength, has spent a decent chunk of her life studying the habits of those she deems to be mentally strong. There’s a reason she has one of the most viewed TED Talks of all time! Throughout this book, Morin coaches the reader on how to begin the process of becoming morally strong themselves. 

Morin is first discussed in terms of her own personal, tragic story. After losing one loved one after another, she was justifiably in the worst mental state of her life with what seemed to be no end in sight. Morin is shown to reflect on what the root of the problem truly was and what was holding her back from healing, which is what the book next discusses in depth: destructive beliefs. Whether it be unhealthy beliefs about ourselves, about others, or about the world at large, believing those things does absolutely nothing except drag us down further and anchor us in the depths of despair. Don’t fret, these are simply bad habits that need to be undone.

Luckily, there is a way to get rid of these habits, which the book discusses as it explains how to take the first step on the road to gaining mental strength. The book further discusses the do’s and don’ts of how to be mentally strong, as well as sharing the story of another individual, Danielle Walker, who shares her own personal experience. While in our darkest moments, it is very easy to feel as though it’s impossible to ever feel better again. However, it can be done! Just like building muscle takes repetitive work in small increments over a significant period of time, our mental health is no different. It is important to keep at it, making sure to take baby steps all the way to the finish line. If you think you’re ready to take that first step, consider picking up The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong: One Woman’s Approach to Daily Mental Health by Liz Fe Lifestyle available on Amazon, which can be found here.