We are always searching for more ways to empower women across the globe. Regardless of race, country, or economic standing, we want to spread awareness on ways that we can uplift and help women all over the world. Additionally, we want to empower women on an individual level through local settings.

In this article, we are going to talk about some ways that you can help empower women on both a global scale and a smaller, community-based scale. We know the suggestions in this article are bound to help women in one way or another.

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Are you interested in learning more about contributing to women empowerment on a local and global scale? If so, we suggest you keep reading this article for useful information:

Empower Women Globally

The United States still has a lot of work to do in terms of female equality. But, we cannot ignore the fact that women–especially women in other countries–have their basic human rights horribly violated. Women are continuously deprived of essential resources in other parts of the world.

Women are indeed systematically oppressed in the United States. However, America and other developed countries (at least seem to) work towards ideals of women equality in one way or another. In under-developed countries, however, women are in crisis.

“I call on all countries to accelerate efforts towards the empowerment of women and girls and towards improving the evidence base to monitor progress: data gaps in the coverage of key gender topics need to be filled.”

Liu Zhenmin, UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations

Women Are In Crisis Worldwide

Child labor, sex trafficking, and child marriage still exist in many countries to date. Moreover, the World’s Women Report indicates violence against women remains a global issue.

In the most extreme cases, violence against women is lethal. Globally, an estimated 137 women are killed by their intimate partner or a family member every day.

United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs

However, this does not exclude The United States. We hope these countries will treat women as equal beings in the future. In looking at these statistics, though, it is easy to feel hopeless. But, there are ways that you can help women across the world. Specifically, we can start by making sure everyone has access to clean water.

Make Clean Water More Available

The availability of clean water is essential if we are to help women without basic resources. You can donate to organizations that help provide clean water to women in countries where it is difficult to access. A great way to contribute is through the World Vision’s Clean Water Fund. Your donations can be either a one time thing, a monthly donation, or even occur on a yearly basis.

You can help end the global water crisis in our lifetime.

World Vision, “Give to Clean Water”

Every woman deserves her best chance at life. If she does have clean water to drink, that is a significant–if not deadly–barrier. Thus, helping out women who cannot access adequate drinking water is a really vital thing to do.

You can contribute to water conservation in your own ways. That is, you can drink water from a reusable cup, and additionally, conserve water in your daily activities.

Empower Women Locally 

It is clear that we can’t always take the weight of the world on our shoulders. While we can donate to amazing causes or help contribute to the solution, we can also make significant waves of change on a more local, individual scale.

Be Kind To Other Women

While this should go without question, it is so important to give other women compliments. So much of our patriarchal society tries to program us to tear each other down. But: What if we rebelled against the system and were there for each other? What if we expressed our admiration for each other instead of falling into perpetuated stereotypes of being envious of one another? That, for us, is what female empowerment is all about.

Also, do not feed into any negativity about women. So many women put themselves out there, only for people to judge or gossip about them. We do not ever want to let negativity win. Therefore, it is essential that we uplift the women around us. Do not give in to the traditional narrative that we need to tear down anyone.

Speak Up

Speaking up and using your voice as a woman is one of the most powerful things that you can do. So many systems around the world expect women to be silent while the men speak. In using your own voice, you pave the way for other women to grow confident enough to do the same.

Similarly, if you see any women being mistreated, stand up for them. We cannot allow people to mistreat other women if we are going to move forward and change this world for the better.

Support Women-Owned Businesses

It is remarkable to see women embrace their own power and overcome large obstacles; especially when we look at women who started their own businesses. Moreover, we should support these women-owned businesses whenever we can to lift each other up.

Although women as a whole have been marginalized by the patriarchy, intersectional sexism is a particularly nasty breed that we need to actively work to get rid of.

Intersectional feminism centers the voices of those experiencing overlapping, concurrent forms of oppression in order to understand the depths of the inequalities and the relationships among them in any given context.

UN Women, Intersectional feminism: what it means and why it matters right now

Who you support matters, and moreover, helps spread your values to the world. It is important to acknowledge the different struggles women face as a result of race. If you can spend money on marginalized-owned businesses, you can make more of a difference in our overall goal of women empowerment.

In supporting women-owned businesses, you are uplifting more women. Additionally, you set an example for the women of the future.

It is irrefutable that women face oppression in so many ways. These instances of oppression often force women to live in inhumane, dangerous, and deadly conditions. We must first acknowledge these failures on a worldwide level, but also, the systematic issues women face within the United States–specifically women of color. Thus, it is essential that we continue to uplift and support the women around us, but also the women that are in a different part of the world. 

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