Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So in October 2020 Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty collection supported breast cancer survivors. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Rihanna more, the entrepreneurial queen of beauty, fashion, and music released a lingerie collection to raise awareness for young women diagnosed with aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Savage X Fenty partnered with RiRi’s charity, the Clara Lionel Foundation, to create clothes lines and beauty boxes that made people look good, and also feel good. It’s a quality product that also went out to help real people. It was arguably the easiest way to get involved. The money raised through this collection went towards funding critical research. This research will help tackle aggressive types of breast cancer that plague women all around the world. Especially in regards to Black women, as their mortality rate in breast cancer is statistically much higher for that of white women, despite fewer cases. It’s an appalling discrepancy that still demands research and change.

“I want to raise awareness for under-served breast cancer communities and Savage X Thrivers represents young women of all walks of life living and thriving with cancer.”


The Savage X Fenty Collection

Each box came with a couple of goodies all in different shades of pink, starting with a scalloped, fuchsia lace bralette and matching Brazilian-cut thong. The set paired with a cotton candy colored pant made from a soft ribbed knit. And even though we know RiRi doesn’t play games, she threw in some Savage dominoes to complete the box. Savage X Fenty has always been about inclusivity. The box set ran sizes for everyone, ranging from XS up to 3X.

The rest of the collection was just as dreamy as the box, featuring airy slips, angelic teddies, bralettes, onesies, and other lace and satin silhouettes. For each purchase, a minimum donation of around $3.75 is required to help fund research towards finding a solution for a cancer that affects hundreds of thousands of individuals every year.

Cancer can be a debilitating disease, but Rihanna wants to challenge this by showcasing women (including models Ericka Hart, Cayatanita Leiva and Nykia McKenzie) that are thriving. These women had aggressive breast cancer early on in their lives. But they don’t let their diagnosis keep them from feeling beautiful, fearless, and unstoppable. That’s why Savage X Fenty has aptly named them #SAVAGEXTHRIVERS.

Through this campaign, the thrivers were interviewed and served as official models for the products. Making the point that, as awful as cancer is, it cannot take away from our beauty or self-worth. Nykia McKenzie commented with “Knowing that these images will be seen worldwide means everything to me, mainly because I know now my story is being heard and that my storm was always bigger than me because the triumph is even bigger, I know now that black women will be heard in regards to our health and our healing. I hope these images convey to you all that there’s work to do and that starts with listening to young women who look like me.”

Fenty Collection Supports Breast Cancer Survivors

Their stories serve as a beacon of hope for other ladies out there that are struggling with having breast cancer at a young age. “I think what is so important, is that you just share. You never know who you are going to inspire if you just share, share, share,” said Nalie Agustin. She lives with stage four metastatic cancer, after first being diagnosed at age 24.

Rihanna’s Fenty collection supported breast cancer survivors and thrivers. These women are not only speaking out to inspire others, but to also stand with other thrivers. “Sharing the evolution of your journey and your experiences makes other people feel less alone, less of an anomaly,” said Stephanie Seban. She was diagnosed at age 31. Dually, these stories may signal other ladies to get routine checks no matter their age. “It also raises awareness that if something feels wrong, you should get it checked out.”

Promoting Self-Love and Confidence

Rihanna’s new collection has harnessed for young women with breast cancer. But the campaign also touched on the importance of self-love.

“I love myself and I love my body more than I ever have.”

-survivor Bianca Muniz

Thriver Bianca Muniz was just 11 when she first faced ovarian cancer. In her early twenties, she’s been re-diagnosed with breast cancer. “I’m still learning, but I feel like I love myself and I love my body more than I ever have. It sucks that it took cancer for me to get there, but I’m here, and I’m learning everyday,” she said.

“I just got over it. This is me, [this is my body] and I’ve just started to embrace it—like, this is what it is,” stated Johanna De La Cruz, diagnosed at 32 years old after an ectopic pregnancy. Johanna’s candid quote speaks to what Savage X Fenty is all about; embracing who you are, how you look, and being damn proud of what your body can do.


This campaign was a huge success. Fenty promised to donate up to $250,000 for the October and November items, up until they sell out. And sure enough, all of the bralettes and onesies in the collection sold out. With so much good that went into the world from this, it’s easy to imagine that Fenty will do something very similar in the near future. It’s too good of a promotion to pass up.

Between this and the makeup department, it’s clear that Fenty is the rare brand that’s entirely in service of women everywhere. It would’ve been so easy for Rihanna to use her influence only for profit. But that’s not her goal. She wants to give something back, and create products that’ll actively help us. To which our response is, so far so good. There is no telling what exciting, impactful decisions will come next, but all of us here at Liz Fe wait with anticipation and enthusiasm.

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